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Imagine yourself 20 years ago or 10 years ago (yes you are young!! but that’s not the point). You are living in the 2000s. And now you have to shift your home, as is common in many households, to another colony, or another city. Getting a headache already? Well, that’s true. Shifting in itself was, and still is, a headache of a task in itself. The act of packing all stuff isn’t that difficult. It’s the later and major process of finding a truck-wala, or a firm that does that kind of work for that matter. Then arranging the rate, and finally, trusting someone to take all your belongings and hoping that they’ll deliver safely. Or imagine you were a businessman looking fir a transport company. How difficult was it all! The tedious process of going to the market, negotiating with transporters.

But that all has changed, and the nightmare is long gone. We are the children of technology and information technology has greatly eased our livelihood. Advent of applications like MUVR, has greatly reduced the tiresome efforts that went into looking for a transporter.

MUVR, an online truck booking application, is one of a kind platform, that has greatly impacted the Indian transport & logistics industry.

MUVR, gives its users free rein, alongside a trusted, reliable and strong network of transporters, drivers and major companies. Users get a huge choice, from the type of vehicle they want their load to be delivered, to the type of service they want, on MUVR.

The client service and customer care is one of the most prominent features of the company. The user gets a call with 24 hours of registration, that provides personal time and care to the user for their transportation related queries. Loaded with an extremely user friendly interface, MUVR provides services at extremely affordable prices, making it easily one of the best transportation and logistics related applications of India, especially for the middle-class households and small business setups.

With a huge clientele, MUVR's network is trustworthy. The company promotes area-specific transportation services that enables users to discover diversity, which is a one of a kind service.

MUVR introduces, from time to time, additional features and services that are innovative and greatly enhances user experience. With such prominent user friendly features, a great and strong transporter network, MUVR is easily the best online truck booking application available.

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