The Best Online Truck Booking Application

We are in a revolution. A revolution of one of a kind that is rapidly transforming the way we are. This revolution is the one of technology. Technology has completely refashioned the way we live. Gone were the times when we needed the support of extreme manual labour. From contact services to digitalisation, technology has refurbished all.

One such amusing change has been the introduction of online applications for almost everything. Remember the time when, if we had to mover from one city to another. Shifting was one of a kind haphazard. First one had to pack everything, find out about a logistic service, and that too from those thick, maze-like directories. Then contact the logistics company, settle the rate, and then came the step of transportation, which was in itself a risk of a penultimate kind; to trust someone with literally all your house.

But, all this changed with the advantage of the digital age. One click (and a few others!) is all it takes to get your stuff from one place to the other.


MUVR :And one such miracle is the MUVR application, an online truck booking application.

MUVR, founded in 2015, has been recognised as amongst the fastest growing start-ups in the logistics industry. The application has become one of the leaders of online truck booking in India. The company, in such a small time, has made around +12000 trips. It’s clientele spans and incorporates major companies like Big Basket, Flipcart, Gatti, Ruju Corp, Somani Tiles, GC Tiles, Colortiles, Jay Chemical, GSCSC, Sharaddha Associate, Evaluate, Competch Engg, Gracious, Freight Cargo and many more. With ravishing reviews from its driving and fleet partners, it’s definitely one of the best trucking companies of India.

The application provides an interactive platform for common people to easily book trucks and contact service providers for transporting luggage, gears etc. For people of India, for whom shifting is a chaotic issue, MUVR definitely smoothens the process. The app is available on play store, with a rating of 4.6, can be easily downloaded. The app is extremely easy to use, making it easily accessible to home makers also.

How Does The App works?

  • Download the Application (Download link:
  • Submit Loads (users submits loads).
  • Select Mode of payment (users select payment mode).
  • Receive quote ( MUVR Partners will submit the best quote).
  • Shortlist Quote (Users will shortlists the quote).
  • Agree Terms ( both parties agrees the terms and conditions).
  • E-Confirmation ( E-confirmation of vehicle hiring).
  • Update Trip status ( Update of trip status).
  • Advance Payment (user pay as per mode of payment selected).
  • Billing and Documents ( parties update billing and document status.
  • Balance Payment (complete freight payment).

The company promotes territory specialist service, which enhances the participants in the network, which makes the MUVR network extremely reliable and one of the best.

For the middle class, this app is extremely useful, as due to its territory specific service, it provides the user with a large amount of service providers, which makes it the best online truck booking app.

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