About Us

Our efforts to enable transparency & trust by using technology and connecting clients & service providers.

MUVR founded in 2015 by Suresh Saradva. Very soon we scaled MUVR and were selected as top 40 rising startups of Gujarat in 2016. Since then the team has not looked back. We are now in all states of India and have completed 12000+ trips. We deliver Trust and Transparency by leveraging best in class technology for connecting clients and service providers.


is recognized as one the fastest growing startup in Logistics industry. Major industry verticals served by the company includes retails, enterprises, goverment board and multimode domestic container. Company has executed 12000+ trips.

MUVR Customer portfolio includes: Big Basket, Flipcart, Gatti, Ruju Corp, Somani Tiles, GC Tiles, Colortiles, Jay Chemical, GSCSC, Sharaddha Associate, Evaluate, Competch Engg, Gracious, Freight Cargo etc...

MUVR freight exchange is an online logistics marketplace for transportation carriers and clients. The digital marketplace provides complete transparency between transport carriers and clients. Enables carriers to access location specific demand. Delivers a win-win solution for transport carriers and clients.

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